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Dr. Zoya ​ El-Niggar

Glentevej-Tandklinik | Denmark

I've been using MA Dental instruments for the past 6 years and have been very pleased with the quality and variety of instruments available. MA Dental instruments are extremely comfortable in the hands, almost as if they were an extension of the surgeon's hands. They are ideal tools for me. That is why I strongly recommend that others use these dental instruments.


Dr. Cristian Dunker

BDS, MBA | Gold coast, Australia

“I'd like to share my experience with the MA Dental and IDX instruments. My experience with MA Dental's instruments has been extremely positive. We have complete cassette systems, as well as various kits for restorations, diagnostics, and surgery. I haven't noticed any issues with the IDX

instruments or any rust on them. I am extremely pleased and intend to purchase additional instruments. Thank you, MA Dental, for the excellent quality you provide.”


Dr. Maria Kocisova

Associate Dentist, London, UK

“As a cosmetic dentist, I do many composite restorations on a daily basis. I enjoy using the IDX composite modeling instruments as they offer excellent non-stick properties that add efficiency to my clinical procedures. These ergonomic instruments have tools on each end, designed to carry the composite resin to the prep, packing it into place and smoothening out the surface. The plugger end is designed to help avoid composite pullback. All are fully autoclavable.

The ergonomic handle rests easily, naturally, and comfortably in my grasp. The textured handle surface provides better traction and stability”.

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